Classified Monument VL, Res. of the President of Regional Government nº 1615/96, JORAM nº 128 of 18 November 1996

Location - Although situated next to the main road, this chapel, encircled of cultivated lands, remains isolated. The Chapel dos Reis Magos integrate the unit of "Casa da Capelinha". Description- Simple plan, of one singular rectangular nave, linked to the rectangular sacristy, and a bell tower on the right side.Articulated volumes with coverings differentiated. The chapel's roof is divided in two parts, while the one at the sacristy is divided in three parts, every one covered with tiles. In the interior of the chapel, the walls are covered with wood decorated with painted landscapes, involving the door are painted cords of blooming flowers. The arched profile wooden ceiling has decorative paintings. The main altar illustrates the Adoration of the Three Kings, having two lateral paintings dedicated to St. John the Baptist and to a Bishop of the Church. The painted front of the altar reproduces a cloth.

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Rua Eng. João Fidélio de Canha ,24

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